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Takahashi Tadashi


Tokyo-born Chef Takahashi Tadashi graduated from Japan’s top culinary school, Hattori Nutrition College Tokyo, famous for having their students cut their teeth on the Iron Chef Television series.


From an early age of 19, Chef Tadashi started working in 8-seater Komuro, Tokyo, a widely acclaimed (including 2 Michelin Stars) Kaiseki restaurant. He apprenticed under Chef Mitsuhiro Komuro in the art of traditional Japanese cooking as well as the Japanese tea ceremony.


In 2004, with the blessings from his mentor, Chef Tadashi crossed the globe to continue work in ritzy restaurants in London. He was one of the key staff opening Umu Restaurant, which shot to fame when it was awarded a Michelin Star in just 3 months.


Having noticed the rising popularity of Japanese cuisine with western influences, he decided to join Nobu London Old Park Lane to explore modern Japanese cuisine. He subsequently moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2006, to head up a new Nobu team of more than 25 chefs.


In Singapore, Chef Tadashi reminiscing his years mastering Kaiseki, is devoted to providing a dining experience that will engage your senses through his interpretation of the art – a balance of taste, texture, appearance and colours of this season’s ingredients.

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